Neal Huntington Trade Deadline History



  • Traded RHP Brad Lincoln to the Toronto Blue Jays for OF Travis Snider.
  • Picked up 1B Gaby Sanchez and RHP Kyle Kaminska from the Miami Marlins for OF Gorkys Hernandez and a draft pick who turned out to be LHP Matt Krook.
  • Acquired RHP Chad Qualls from the New York Yankees for 3B Casey McGehee.

Snider was a low-risk, big upside outfielder who needed a change of scenery—not the best return for a hot reliever like Lincoln. Even though Snider didn’t break out with the Pirates, he’s been hitting off the bench for three seasons now and adds a lefty bat to a righty-dominant batting order. Lincoln meanwhile doubled his ERA while playing with the Blue Jays in 2012, making Huntington seem like a genius for pulling trading his highest value.

Like Snider, Sanchez didn’t tear the cover off the ball as the Pirates struggled through a second-half collapse, but he did find his role on the team as a platoon first baseman and power hitter out of the dugout.


  • Acquired 2B Robert Andino from the Seattle Mariners.

Huntington made two crucial moves to get the Pirates into the one-game wildcard playoff, but both came in August. Picking up two of the biggest players on the market like Marlon Byrd and Justin Morneau signaled the Pirates meant serious business. Granted, Morneau hit zero regular season homeruns in a Pirates uniform, but Byrd masterfully filled the Pirates gap in rightfield until Gregory Polanco was major league–ready in June 2014.

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